Welcome to el – Crush

«EL-CRUSH» is a company ready to give to the customer solutions and services in the field of crushing, screening and recycling.

EL-CRUSH Represent the most modern systems combined with experienced staff. Our major concern is to reduce the cost and increase the profitability of our customers.

We utilize only the most up-to-date means and methods in the execution of our projects, in accordance with the contract. We have a very wide network of subcontractors, reputable and trusted companies specializing in various types of work.

  • Crushing

    Motorhomes and stable Crushing-Screening complexes.  Jaw crusher Machines for the first fracture, rotary and vertical axis and end gyroscopic type suitable for second and third break with productions from 5 t / h to 700 t / h.

  • Screening

    Motorhomes and sustained dialogue groups. Screeners horizontal, inclined and rotate, producing up to 5 classified materials. Also unsorted heavy duty two levels of various dimensions and finally sorting special applications suitable for separating sludge materials, garbage etc.

  • Recycling

    Asphalt recycling machines, shredders bulky materials, chippers, aerodiachoristes and generally integrated systems for the management and recycling materials.


Our team specialists can analyze your work in accordance with design standards and construction and provide an accurate cost estimate. To get an estimate for your project, please submit a request and our representative will contact you to make an appointment and discuss all necessary details